Recruitflex has developed a comprehensive policy for Work Health and Safety. The objectives of this policy are to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable:

  • Risks to work health and safety are controlled through the engagement of all stakeholders in a culture of safety;
  • Safe systems of work are provided and maintained at all times in all workplaces;
  • Workers are provided with information, training, instruction and supervision needed for them to work safely and without risks to their health;
  • The health of operational and on-hire workers and the conditions of the workplaces where they work are monitored;
  • Adequate facilities are provided for the welfare of our employees and on-hire workers;
  • Health and safety policies and procedures comply with legislative requirements; and
  • Safety performance is continually reviewed and improved.


In addition, within the WHS Policy Recruitflex clearly outlines that Recruitflex is responsible for, as far as reasonably practicable:

  •  Effective implementation of the WHSMS driven by senior management;
  • Providing appropriate level of resources to the WHSMS
  • Defining the key WHS management system responsibilities and communicating these to the relevant personnel;
  • Maintaining effective communication and consultation including horizontal engagement with key stakeholders on safety matters; and
  • Ensuring systems are in place to allow for the identification and resolution of occupational health and safety issues.

The following links are to other relevant Recruitflex policies;