Recruitflex is committed to ensuring that clients do not encounter a generic, out of the box, experience. Our staff are informed and will offer genuine advice and solutions specific to your requirements.

Recruitflex also recognises that recruitment does not need to be over complicated, we are committed to practicing the fundamentals well and stripping away unnecessary process to deliver a consistently high level of service and value.

With a full understanding of your requirements, we apply our experience and expertise to ensure the right candidate is secured for you.

All candidates undergo a comprehensive screening process that includes the following key steps.


Behavioural Interviewing

Recruitflex uses this proven interview technique to ensure a candidates capability and competence to perform the roles required by our clients. This technique requires candidates to site specific examples and situations where they have demonstrated behaviors and skills in previous roles. 

Reference Checking

All candidates are reference checked to verify and validate the behaviours and skills identified through the interview process. Behavioural reference checking, like behavioural interviewing, uses the discussion of specific examples of a candidate’s demonstration of a particular skill or trait. We will also confirm the candidates work history and ethics.

Skills assessment

Recruitflex will conduct skills assessment as part of the selection process as required by our clients.

Assignment Brief

Recruitflex is committed to ensuring that all appropriate information is communicated to candidates prior to their assignments starting. We use the latest technology to support the communication of assignment information including Google maps, email, online timesheets, and sms.


Work Health &Ssafety (WH&S) Induction

Recruitflex has invested in the leading industry online WH&S and Induction software application – Workpro.

There are a large number of modules available to ensure all aspects of employee relevant specific roles are covered.


Online time sheeting

Recruitflex has partnered with leading international online recruitment management solution – Bond Adapt – to deliver online communication, time sheeting and timesheet approval systems for candidates and clients.

Bond Adapt is designed to minimise the burden of manual administration processes while enabling more productive consulting and communication with our clients and candidates.