Recruitflex is a new recruitment agency backed by one of Australia’s largest secular, not-for-profit organisations – Campbell Page. Recruitflex creates and delivers flexible temporary and permanent recruitment services with expertise in the light industrial, office and administration, and professional and management areas.

The value proposition for Recruitflex is based on our people being our difference. That is Recruitflex will deliver a consistent, informed, proactive service to our clients because;

  • We understand the candidate market
  • We understand our clients
  • We understand recruitment
  • We are committed to making a difference

Recruitflex is also committed to ensuring that clients do not encounter a generic, out of box, experience. Recruitflex staff are informed and will offer genuine advice and solutions specific to the needs of our clients.

Recruitflex also recognises that recruitment does not need to be over complicated, we are committed to practicing the fundamentals well and stripping away unnecessary process to deliver a consistently high level of service and value.

What We Do!

Why We Do It!